Pricing Insurance Risk: Theory and Practice

A comprehensive framework for measuring, valuing, and managing risk.

Stephen J. Mildenhall and John A. Major


By Richard Goldfarb in the CAS Actuarial Review, Nov-Dec 2022

"Pricing Insurance Risk is thoroughly researched and brings together the insights from hundreds of published papers in a unified, well-organized and mathematically rigorous manner. But what makes this work such an important contribution to the literature and to actuarial practice is the insightful commentary and the integration of the case studies into the text, which allows the authors to demonstrate realistic implementation of the concepts, methods and algorithms presented.""

"To make the material accessible to [practitioners and actuarial students], two important pedagogical elements are included. First, they have incorporated more than 300 technical remarks, examples and exercises, and many of the exercises include fully worked out solutions. Second, they have included specific learning objectives for each chapter.""

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